What does this site do?

The Multivendor Marketplace for UWO Kart will help you convert your store into a Marketplace i.e., Admin can add Seller/Vendor, track their sales, add commissions, and much more

Can we set up a multivendor marketplace for products and services?

Yes, a marketplace for products and services can be configured for all sorts of combinations. Our out-of-the-box setup would include having separate product and service vendors. We can also configure the store to allow vendors to sell both products and services. Customers can purchase physical products.

Can we have more than one marketplace payment gateway?

Yes, you can have multiple marketplace payment gateways. The customer would select their payment method and continue checking out with that gateway.

Can I translate a marketplace myself?

Yes, you can translate a marketplace with unlimited languages and can translate almost any text field you can input text into. You can add new languages to the language setting. The back-end administration dashboard can also be translated.

Do you have product reviews?

Yes, customers can submit reviews for products after completing a purchase. You as the marketplace owner can fully manage every review including disapproving spam reviews.

Can Products be added in bulk?

Yes, you can add Products in bulk.

For adding Products go to Multivendor Admin Panel >> Bulk Product Upload >> Upload a file >> add products by CSV

How can admin allow sellers to add automatically without receiving and accepting Vendor Requests?

Admin needs to auto-approve the vendor request. You can manage this setting from the Multivendor Admin Panel >> Vendors Verification >> all verifications.

Where can I find the subscription of the vendor?

Go to the Multivendor Admin Panel >>Vendors >> Vendors Subscription

How to add digital products to the store?

Go to Multivendor Admin Panel >> Products >> +Add Product >> Choose Product as Digital Product >> enter the required details and click on save.

Note: Digital product's file size should be equal to or less than 300 Mb.

How to create attributes to the category?

While adding /editing a category on the same page you will get an option to create attributes(Both from the Seller and Admin side).

How can the vendor keep a track of the payment to be received from the merchant?

The vendor can manage it from Multivendor Seller Panel >> Profile >> Payment Details