About Us

We Unified Web Options and Services Pvt. Ltd. believes that multi-vendor markets are the future of retail. Growing multi-vendor technologies such as e-malls, specialty markets, service economies, and localized delivery will dominate traditional e-commerce.

Multi-vendor Marketplace is an e-marketplace platform where you can register distinctive sellers & let them list their products on your marketplace.

So, the first & foremost thing is to analyze which platform suits your business requirement at its best.

Undoubtedly, it’s always been easy to create a store and sell products to customers because the exchange of goods & services will be held between just the two entities merchant & buyers.

Existing industrial software couldn't be used for the complex business and B2B solutions we built from scratch. UWO KART was innovated and developed in-house by Unified Web Options and Services Pvt. Ltd. as the perfect Multi-Vendor Market Platform.

UWO is a recognized and leading global firm providing IT solutions and services to customers around the world.

UWO offers a full range of value-added and quality information technology products and services without compromise. In addition to this, end-to-end solutions are provided through the involvement of industry experts and cutting-edge technologies.

UWO is the ideal solution provider for multi-vendor e-commerce websites, business support, application development, and maintenance services, mobile application development, website development, social media marketing and digital, infrastructure services, and IT security solutions.

Our goal is to offer optimal solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.


The highly scalable multi-vendor software platform Modular platform for secure and customizable business solutions. Combine point of sale, e-commerce, delivery, and multi-vendor to create your exact solution.

     Easy Navigation

It is the most useful website feature. A site that is easy to navigate allows users to find the content they're looking for much faster. This means having a clear menu structure and the ability to navigate between pages quickly and efficiently.

     Infinite scalability

Extensible and proven e-commerce platform to support future development, extensions, and innovations.

     Reliable security

Code receives consistent security updates and is constantly monitored through its community and by the security experts at UWO.

     Resourceful and Feature-Rich Vendor Dashboard

If you are thinking about providing your sellers/vendors a customized dashboard, you will be doing them a great favor. It is an awesome idea to do that because a dashboard is going to help them manage their profile, add, remove, update and edit their products and their descriptions, manage and achieve their sales targets and keep a track of their inventory and do a lot more just from one single place.


Our management team is well experienced and we help companies achieve synergy between IT and business goals. We continuously invest in new technologies, processes, and people to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

Get to know our management team as they believe in a lot of fun along with the results. However, that doesn't take away the focus on work. Our team is passionate about delivering results to clients.


Helping clients go futuristic. Partner with customers to help them address their business challenges effectively by providing a full range of IT solutions.


     Serving clients in multiple sectors

     Proven domain expertise and business knowledge of industry expertise

     Robust knowledge transfer methodology and in-house automated workflows

     Large repository of design and development tools

     Robust and proven quality assurance frameworks and processes

     Leveraging best practices, processes, and tools